Our Packages 3-Month Intensive 1-to-1 Coaching with Anna

Have you tried many fad diets and trendy exercise programs but inevitably fell off the wagon after that initial burst of motivation faded over a couple of months?

Slowly but surely, this hectic lifestyle has caught up with you. Your eating patterns may have gone out of control, your habits may not be of the healthy kind, your weight may have crept up gradually over the years and you may have suddenly found yourself looking at the mirror unable to recognise how you became this way.

This is the story of so many successful people. But this doesn’t need to be YOU.

1 To 1 Coaching

You may have started a nutrition and lifestyle plan before and had all the right equipment, a solid meal plan and a comprehensive exercise routine. But, even after your best efforts it still fell apart which probably left you even more disheartened than before.

This pattern is so common and I’ve seen it time and time again with so many of my clients, so let me tell you something.

The reason you could not persevere in your previous attempts is because you lacked one crucial ingredient. The ingredient for long-term, sustainable and meaningful lifestyle change: ACCOUNTABILITY.

Let me tell you a hard truth.

You may be the most honest person in the world, but there is one person you’re willing to lie to… YOURSELF.

You don’t mean to, of course, but it happens.

3 Month Intensive 1 To 1 Coaching With Anna Min

How many times have you started a program and said to yourself “I’ll just skip today’s workout because of (…excuse) and do two workouts tomorrow” or “It’s Julie’s birthday party so I’ll allow myself to indulge today but get right back on track tomorrow”.

Sadly, even as people are making these excuses in the back of their minds, they already know that they’re lying to themselves and probably won’t do that workout or get back on track tomorrow.

At work, your boss, your co-workers, your clients hold you accountable but who holds you accountable for your health and your lifestyle?

The secret to unlocking the power of accountability is having someone outside of your circle of friends and family who you can be accountable to.

You need someone who will support you, but who is also not afraid to tell you the hard truths and keep you in line.

Main Benefits You will Experience

  • Full support to make lifestyle changes, taking into consideration your unique lifestyle and preferences
  • Understanding of how nutrition and daily habits play a major role in your health
  • Support in managing practicalities like time management, shopping, meal preparation and more
  • Support and guidance on how to manage stress
  • Accountability – You will have me to keep you accoutable at all times.
  • You will have unlimited email access to me so you can reach out at any time whether you’re having a moment of weakness or you want to share a daily success.

“I will be there with you every step of the way”

Here’s how it work

Step 1: Purchase the 3-Month Intensive 1-1 Coaching and download the Initial Assessment Questionnaire, Body Measurements and 3 Day Food Diary. You will also be able to download your Daily Journal, Personal Action Plan and Progress Tracker immediately.

Step 2: Complete the questionnaire, body measurements and 3-day food diary and email it back to me on info@annapopova.co

Step 3: Sit back and relax while I prepare your bespoke personalized nutritional plan for the first 2 weeks. Please allow up to 7 days for your plan to be completed.

Step 4: Schedule your first welcome and coaching call.

Step 5: Receive your nutritional plan, shopping list and guidance materials via email.

Step 6: Once you receive your first nutritional plan you will also have your first coaching call.

Step 7: From then onwards, you will have a 1-hour coaching call every week and unlimited email access to me at any time. I will review and update your nutritional plan every 2 weeks and as required throughout the 3 months period.

3-Month Intensive 1-to-1 Coaching with Anna

Pre-made Specific Diet Plans that my clients love.

Not sure if you want to go for a personalized plan? Want to try one of my pre-made diet plans – tried, tested and loved by my clients?